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Inspiration from India

Claire Grigioni

January 2016

Last year, we spent many weeks travelling throughout different regions of India. A country so vast and so full of completely different cultures and customs, we were always exposed to something new and unexpected. With over 120 recognised languages and more than a thousand dialects as well as thousands of different gods being worshipped you can start to imagine the vivid contrasts the country presents.  

This year, we hope to travel throughout more regions of the country as we seek to meet new artisan partners and continue to be inspired by India’s many faces. One last time before moving on into 2016, we would like to share a few of the many images we have managed to capture so that we can bring a little bit of India to everyone.

Mornings and daily routines start early in this rural village in the country side of Tamil Nadu. Waking up before dawn and taking a hike through tiny villages meant we were able to witness some of these daily activities. 

In some places, everyone bathes together. We would also like to mention that we have never seen so many ducks in one place as we did during our stay in this region in Hampi.

If the village guardian deity’s horses are to have the strength to carry him on his nightly route around the village, better make sure that they are fed!

Hiking up to the one of the many temples around Hampi we came upon a local wedding ceremony. It was abundant in flowers, music, food and people!

Henna designs have been painted on the bride’s feet and the toe ring, a symbol of marriage for Hindu women, is being slipped on by her new mother in law.

Some temples are less obvious than others, as this animist site at the base of a tree shows. 

Symbolsing good over evil the demon has been subdued by the guardian deity. And his horses stand ready to help transport him on his nightly rounds.

The scenery around Hampi of endless boulders mixed with bright green nature is beautiful. The whole place is so peaceful and spiritual. Here one of our co-founders after hiking up to a viewing point. 

These indigo dyed cottons have been stamped using the dabu or mud-resist block printing method and set out to dry. Traditional block printing in Bagru, Rajasthan employs the majority of the community. 

Just another herd of cattle – animals are everywhere in Hampi, where the locals still live such a traditional farming life.

Some Lambadi women still wear their traditional dress. What a great coincidence to come across an elderly tribal woman while driving through the countryside.

Sunrise at the Hanuman temple in Hampi. Devotees tie colorful fabrics to this tree symbolising a wish they’ve made.

So many beautiful carvings in these temple ruins surrounding Hampi. Lots of inspiration found here!

Having made a promise to fulfill a vow, this devotee taking part in a local festival has a betel leaf topped with a piece of turmeric root tied to his wrist.